Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"Look, it's MAK in blonde!"
"You could pass for twins! One the dark twin, the other, the light twin!"
"You are so alike! The way you, walk, talk, act!"
"So which is the mother, and which the daughter?"
I've heard all of these comments and more when my mother and I go out. Especially people who know either of us well comment on how alike we act, and walk, and talk. My mother is blond and green eyed, I am dark haired and eyed (my father's side). Now don't get me wrong, I love my mother and sometimes it is very funny how people react to how alike we are. Some people get thrown off by my dark hair however, and say we look nothing alike, which is also amusing. I will be talking to someone who knows my mother well and they'll say, "I can't believe how much like your mother you are! In the way you talk, in the way you move your hands while speaking, how you emphasize your words..." I think you get the point. My mother and I are very similiar. Now what's funny, is that my brother could not be more different. He inherited everything from my father's father. His looks, his likes and dislikes, the way he acts, and what is even odder is that he never knew our grandfather other than as a baby. Family heredity can be very funny that way.


Sarah Rutti said...

That's really interesting. Having similar family structure, I can't say I know exactly what you're talking about. Though my mother and I LOOK a lot alike we're very different in our speech and such. Though we do have the same voice and all.
Are you gonna get a blond sheitel, just bugging ;-P