Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School, Weddings, and Stuff

I'm almost finished with the second week of school, and so far so good. I really like my psych classes. (I'm taking 2; Abnormal Psychology, and Human Development) Statistics is's annoying, but I think (hope) I'll live. I'm taking Oceanography and Oceanography Lab, because I need a lab and refuse to take Biology. It' some things it IS interesting, in other things it's not. Whatever, either way, I will get through it and deal.

Tomorrow night I have a wedding to go to, one of my BYM classmates, and I have another wedding to go to in February, also a BYM classmate. Lots of fun, and as an added bonus, both times I'm missing statistics. Yay!

Next Friday, I might be going up to Orlando and going to Disney, which I really hope I end up doing, but we'll see if ends up happening. Let's see, what else has been happening....oh! On Sunday I went up with my father, his wife, my step sister and my brother to Del Ray for a birthday party for my Grandma, it was her 79th B-day, and we went to a restraunt, my brother and i ate before hand, and went to my aunt's house after and took some pictures at my grandmother's inssitence. Everyone else was a bit reluctant...but it was her birthday, so we did it to make her happy.

We got Little Bird a new cage on Monday night and gave Baby Bird Little Bird's old cage. The problem was that Baby's old cage was pretty small and not very steady, it was knocked over twice by the cats, and Baby escaped both times, it was fortunate I was in the room both times, otherwise he would have been lunch! So we finally got that taken care and now don't have to worry about that again.
Cat And Mouse Tail Parrot
That's about it...for now until the next time I can update.