Monday, January 28, 2008

Back from Epcot!!!

I had a great time on my "mini vacation" in Orlando, it was nice to have one little vacation before a full month and a half of non-stop school. Especially right after my first statistics test. It was pretty chilly when we were there. The high was in the mid-60's with low in the high 40's. But other than that pretty nice. Shabbos was over cast and off and on rain, but since we didn't leave the house that we rented that was fine. On Sunday, until about 10 it was over cast then it really clearedup and was very nice, not too hot, not too cold. Well, cold enough to wear a sweater, but not bad. We went on almost all the rides and I got 3 little souveniers (two of which were dragons, no big surprise there). Anywho, here are some of the pictures.

You thought Pink Flamingoes on the front lawn were tacky? You ain't seen nothing!


halfshared said...

I so wish I was there!