Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going to Disney!

I'm really excited, I'll be going up to Orlando/ Disney for the weekend! My mother, brother and his friend are already there, and I'll be driving up tomorrow with my step-father. It'll be good, especially since it will be my last "vacation" till March. And it will be right after my first statistics test, which is REALLY good, because that's when I will need a vacation.We'll be going to Epcot, it'll be my first time there in about 11 years, the last time I went, I went with my father and brother, and we were younger and din't want to go on anything. My father swore he wouldn't take us there till I was fifteen. Even after I turned fifteen he still didn't. Actually, there have been a couple of other places he swore never to take us to again. Boomer's for one, and Parrot Jungle (now Jungle Island) was the other.

And now on a completely un-related topic, my kitten has decided she likes to hang out on top of Baby's new cage. The funny thing is, Baby doesn't seem to care at all and when I take Mittens off the cage, Baby scolds me. Here's a couple of pictures: