Sunday, January 20, 2008

Odd things my family does...

This shabbos I was telling my mother about the wedding that I went to on Thursday night. I happened to mention that they served cornish hens as the main course and he cam eup with a "brilliant" idea for MY wedding (I'm not dating yet, by the way, she just does this occasionally). Her idea was that we should have live cornish hens on everyone's plates and then the people can shecht them themselves. and for centerpieces, we have live peacocks. Never mind that she was joking, how does my family come up with these ideas? Good grief.
Some other examples of oddness in my family:
"Huff, Chuff Quill" - my brother, imitating our hedgehog at random moments.
"I'm a little bird." - also my brother, and if you look back to the first thing I posted, he sent that information to the govt. and to CAIR.
"Grrrgh?" - my father at odd moments
"It's as light as a chicken!" - my mother in a surprised tome of voice after picking up a polish chicken at the petting zoo. We've never let her forget that.
Of course I do some odd stuff too but...I think I'll just keep those to myself for now.