Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things to look forward to

Well, once my essay (and my class) are done, I have lots of stuff to look forward to. I'm going an a two week vacation, one week in South Carolina and the next week in North Carolina. Then I'm going down to Atlanta, on my way home for something called an aptitude test. Basically I'll be able to find out what kind of juob I'd be best at. Then, when I return, I start class again. (groan) however I have 3 classes that I'm looking forward to taking. 3/5 isn't bad. And right after that, my former roomie from sem is coming down to Florida w/ her sister. So, I'm REALLY looking forward to that. Course, I haven't told my brother yet that she has a sister coming. He is already freaking about my roomie, M. And I'm expecting my new camera to arrive on Thursday, so I'll be able to take pics and post them. YAY!! In the meantime I shall put up some pics I got from a website. They're very cute.


Chana said...

I love all three pictures. *cracks up* Where did you find those?

And enjoy your vacation!