Friday, July 20, 2007

New Pet!

We just got a new pet today and I'm SO excited!!!! My brother's friend's birds had two babies, and we got one. He is so cute! We decided to name him Baby because that's the first thing that comes to mind when we look at him. He's a parrotlet, by the way. So, now we have two cats, two birds and a dog. And, since one of our cats is pregnant and looks like she'll have kittens any day now, we'll have more pets soon enough. Of course, the last time she had kittens she taught them not to come near us, so they won't really be pets. Unless she changes her mind, which I doubt. Boots (the pregnant kitty) is very territorial and will only tolerate her boyfriend(s) staying for any period of time. Someday, I'll probably put up pictures of all my pets. In my family we've gone through...lets see... first two dogs, who died a while back, then we got my first cat(Suki), who's still with us, then our other dog Wishbone, then we went through about 6 hamsters the first two only lived for about 6 months each (Houdini and Brownie) then we got another 2 at the same time, they lived for about 2 years (Goldy and Star) then we got Mittens, shortly after we got Goldy and Star, but Mittens didn't last long either. I think it was also then that we got Diamond (aka Little Bird). After Goldy and Star died we were left with only three pets but not for long. Shortly after that Boots showed up and we got her used to us, so now we have 5 pets. And my mother wants another dog, actually so do I, but I have a different dog in mind. At one point in time, my mother and brother contemplated getting a chinnchilla but decided against it, and my mother would love to get a flying squirrel. Have I mentioned that my entire family is animal obsessed? I think that if we could live in a zoo, we would. Any questions? Ooops, I almost forgot one last pet, a hedgehog, we had her for a year, more my brother's pet than our family's pet. Her name was Quillette, and my brother was very sad when she died from complications of an injury.

PS. I am so sick with a cold it's not even funny. I've spent the last couple of days absolutely miserable. Only reason I'm up now is cause i had caffeine before. At least I have Shabbos and Sunday to recuperate.

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