Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Seminary Memories

Hmmm....seminary memories, mostly good, but some were just strange.

My second shabbos in Israel, I decided to go to my brother's rebbe's sister. Why? you may ask, well, because I knew no one else there. No relatives, no friends...just a list of people from my brother's rebbe. So I figured, why not? I had to take a train to get to them from Yerushaliyam to Zichron Yaakov, from what she told me, a bus only came once a month so... Ok, I figured. No problem. I take trains a lot at home. I got to the train station and then I had to switch trains. I didn't know which train I had to get on though. But miracle of miracles, a friend of mine from school, not seminary, was going the same way. So I followed her on the train and got off at my stop. Now I had a problem, there were supposedly supposed to be sheiruts there, but there were not. And I couldn't call the family to pick me up because they didn't have a car. So, I stood there and worried. Then I noticed a nice woman and I asked her how I would find a sheirut. One problem: she didn't speak english, and I didn't speak hebrew. However, she did manage to communicate to me that her father-in-law was coming to pick her up and he did speak english. So I waited with her, and a few minutes later he came. I put the same question to him, but he said there were none. Now I was getting worried. No sheirutim, no way to get there before shabbos. No taxis either. The father-in-law asked where they lived, I said I don't really know, so I called them. I put the father-inl-law on the phone with them, and then he suggested that he take me there. Now, in America, you don't usually just get in the car, but this was israel, right? So, he took me, and his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson to drop me off at the apartment. The rest of the time I spent in Zichron Yaakov was pretty uneventful, but that part has definetly suck in my memories. Only in Israel.

More memories to come...