Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Story (cont.)

"Smin," my father rebuked, frowning a me. "Don't interupt your mother." I shut up and listened. "Well, you do know your father's family," she said, looking at me, willing for me not to make this, whatever it was, harder than it already was. This was true, I did know my father's family. Of course, my father's family only consisted of his parents, as he had no siblings. Ny grandparents doted on me. Since I was their only grandaughter, they would have spoiled me to bits i'm sure, if my father hadn't taken a hand. My grandfather was the villages swordsmith, and i got my sword from him. Only the best for his grandaughter. My mother's side however, was another stroy all together. She had never once spoken of them, except for accidentally ltting slip bits of information here and there. From what I gathered, she came from a very large family, who all lived together in gigantic house in the city. I got my looks from my mother's side, the same vibrant red hair, my green eyes, and my rather spunky personality.

Done for now, well, now we know how she looks, and ext time we'll find out what her mother's family wants from her. Yay! Comment people, I need to know if I'm doing this right!

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