Thursday, April 03, 2008

Frum Meets World

There's a blog that I sometimes read called Frum Meets World, and perhaps this post would best belong there, but whatever. It's funny how in college there are a lot of people who are actually Jewish but not religious. For example, a few semesters back, I was in Biology with a guy, and it turned out that he was not religous, but the rest of his family where, they were all sephardic, and very religious but he wasn't. I don'teven recall what brought it up, but I was somewhat surprised when I found out. This semester, I found out that the guy I sit next to in Stats is Jewish, his family is also religious, but he himself is not. I was absolutely floored when I found that out, absoloutley nothing about him externally would have told anyone he was Jewish. Whereas the girl he sits next to, and I sometimes chat with has no clue about anything Jewish, and asks me to elaborate on what stuff I can and can't do, can and can't eat etc. So I told her about shabbos, and she shook her head and said "I could never do that, I like going out too much." I also recall walking in one day, eating an Entemann's brownie, and she said "Is that Kosher?" I looked at her and said "Yes, I should hope I know what is kosher, otherwise I'm in big trouble!"
Done rambling for now.

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Child Ish Behavior said...

The same thing happened to me is school just today. But just the opposite. This fellow was telling me how he is becoming more religious even though he was brought up non. Said it was because a cousin of his married someone very religious and had a good influence on him. So Its not all the other way out there.