Tuesday, April 22, 2008

100th Post!

I've been blogging for almost a year and a half now and I finally reached my 100th post! O'course, I kind of didn't really update during 2006 so that might not count, right? Whatever. I'm just excited that I finally reached this landmark and hopefully I will continue blogging for a long time to come.
I really, really don't like phones. I am not good with auditory, and that's all a phone is, no facial cues or body language to give me hints. Sometimes not even human tone! I have an issue with my hearing, it's not very obvious if talking to me in person, but I have a tendency to think your saying one thing, when actually something entirely different is being said. For example: my mother says: "I need you to empty the dishwasher." I might hear: "I need you to empty the fishwasher." I usually mentally correct it so quickly it's not noticeable unless I mention it. But on the phone, it's not as easy for me, so I have to keep asking people to repeat things and it makes me uncomfortable. Actually, the woman who diagnosed me with this said that because of it I would have trouble reading. Eh...not so much. I'm a very avid reader, it's just I REALLY HATE PHONES. What brings this up? I spent an hour on the phone today trying to figure out what went wrong with some tickets I bought. Ugh.