Thursday, April 03, 2008

Anonymity on Blogs (specifically mine)

In all honesty, this blog is not written very anonymously. I know of at least one person, (you know who you are) who I know very well reads this thing and if you live in florida, you can probably guess where I live, though there are really only three cities that have a nice large frum Jewish population. So all in all, I'm not really that anonymous, and I am not completely open perhaps with what I think. Which leads me to the next question, which is why do I write this blog? I think that anyone who has a blog should think about this from time to time. It's a place to put down my thoughts, to sometimes vent, to entertain...myself and others I guess.


Anonymous said...

Theres four: NMB, Hollywood, Miami Beach and Boca. Boca is less likely though as its not really Miami anymore, is it?

MAK said...

You're right, I forgot about Boca. Because it really isn't close to the other communities.