Friday, November 20, 2009

New York and Florida

OK, I know I've done posts on the differences between NY and South Florida. But that was more differences of the people that live in those places. This post is on the differences between the places themselves...and how very very very different they are.

Note: This is between NY (the city) and South Florida and not the states as a whole.

NY: Lots and lots of tall buildings.

SF: Buildings taller than 4-5 stories are unusual. Unless you're talking about downtown, which usually reminds me of NY in any case.

NY: Lots of leafy trees, and in the fall, the leaves actually fall...
SF: Palm trees, all different types, very few decidous trees.

NY: Lots of buildings made of brick witht he brick exposed.
SF: Buildings made of concrete, to keep the buildings cool.

NY: Public Transportation!!! (subways, trains, buses)
SF: None worth speaking of. Hard to get around without a car. See previous post about distances...


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Province, province... lol

fl native said...

True true!

Some more:
Florida: No basements, attics, or even 2nd story homes, period

Flip Flop Culture

Backyard pools are common

Nobody really wears coats, ever, just sweaters in winter

Fashion is Casual and laid back