Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jewish Geography and Working in a Jewish School

Yesterday, I forgot to pack a lunch, so I went to a CVS that's right across the street from my campus to grab a snack. When I went to get online I noticed a girl who had just paid. She wore a long sleeved, collared button down shirt, and a long khaki skirt. She saw me at the same time, smiled widely and waved me over. "Hey! Where're you from?" We introduced ourselves, and played a little Jewish Geography.
"There are so few of us that every time I see another frum Jew, it's like "Hey Frummy! Let's talk!"
We chatted for a few more minutes, then both went our seperate ways. It's nice to reach out and connect. Even just for a few minutes.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Hey frummy? lets rephrase that, eh

Moshe said...

You college doesn't have a Hillel or some other Jewish club?

JDJ, yes, I know, the proper way is to run towards the person while waving your hands and screaming "Lantzman!" al a Frisco Kid, but that's only if you're separated by at least a 2 lane road. Kinda hard to do that in a pharmacy.

MAK said...

JDJ: Yeah, but you should've heard the way she said it...
Moshe: It does have a Hillel...just most of the kids there aren't religious...or in some cases, Jewish.