Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Superpower Meme

Child Ish tagged me with Mike in Midwood's Superpower Meme, and since I didn't really have any other ideas of something to post, I figured why not? However, I am feeling slightly limited by having to choose just one power, after all, there are so many cool ones to choose from. (I had been going to type "they're all so cool..but I can think of plenty that would be very uncool, and useless.)
Ok, hmmm, which to choose? Mind-reading has always been one of my personal favorites, just because it would help me to finally understand people. On the other hand, I've read too much stuff to think that that would really help me. So, not mind-reading.
Oooh, talking to animals, another favorite! (For obvious reasons) I'd finally get what my pets are trying to tell me. THough, let's be honest, while animals are wonderful companions, I'm not sure they'd make such great Dr. Dolittle-ing for me then.
Teleportation? Telekenisis? Telepathy? Teleportation would be cool, but I get the feeling I'd take it for granted after a while. Telekinesis would be cool, though it depends on how much effort it took (I'll admit, I'm lazy in the superpower department) Telepathy kinda falls under mind-reading, and is only really useful if there's someone else who has that power too.
Allright, I've got it. Shape-shifting, with no limitations. If I can imagine it, I can shift to it. How cool would that be? Gives me the ability to fly (another one I'd love), "talk to animals", and hey, I could even shift to dragon! (Yes, I added that in, come on, you guys didn't expect anything different, did you?)

Alright, I'm not gonna tag anyone, mainly because I'm feeling too lazy to try to link it. Anyone who wants to do the Meme (and I'd say go for it, it's fun, and gives you a post when you can't think of one) can do this.


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

You were memed twice so prepare to write second meme :)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Shape shift? Are you Metallica's fan?

(shape shift) Nose to the wind
(shape shift) Feeling I have been
(move swift) All senses clean
(earth's gift) Back to the meaning, back to the meaning of wolf and man

Mikeinmidwood said...

I wish you could have done my last rule, fix your broken links.

harry-er than them all said... it better to be the shape you want to shift into, or just appear that way