Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dog Park

The dog park is an interesting place, and you meet some very interesting people there. Even if you have nothing else in common with them, you can talk about dogs, after all that’s why they’re there. They love their dog enough to bring him/her to the park to get some exercise and socialize with other dogs. Some people spend the time on their phone, or read a book. Some play with their dogs, throwing whatever they find lying around or bring toys for their dog to the park. I remember the first time I brought Mariner to the park, I had to practically drag him inside the gate and he stuck to me like a burr the entire time, being somewhat afraid of the other dogs. Now however, HE drags ME into the park, and the moment I let him off the leash, he’s off playing with the other dogs. Or if there are no other dogs there, I throw a stick, he fetches it, and then he makes me chase him for the stick. He’ll fetch sticks, and even rocks, but he will not fetch a ball more than once. Though, that makes my life a bit easier, since you can just pick up a stick or rock from the ground, whereas you usually have to buy a ball, which then inevitably gets lost.


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I would love to have an automatic fetch machine.