Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Fun Things

At work, my mother's office is next to the sixth grade boys classroom, and it is very easy to hear them. This week was color war for the boys abd they were being a bit loud about it. I asked my mother, "Does it ever occur to you that being in your office is rather like being in an office next to the monkey enclosure at the zoo?" She said, "Yes" The reason I had brought it up in the first place was that the boys were making sounds rather similiar to chimps....

I went to the dog park and was priveliged to play with threee adorable 8 week old jack russel terrier puppies. I was SOOOO happy, as you can imagine. I got some pics of them on my phone which I am going to try to load onto the computer so everyone can bask in thier cuteness.

Oh, and Moshe asked for a video of Mariner, well, I have one, though since i took it from a kneeling/ sitting position (after being knocked over by Mariner) it's a lil bit dizzying, so here's a warning, don't watch it if you get motion sickness easily.