Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation Experience

OK, I really should be writing what I did during vacation, but at the moment, I just don't feel like it. I'll give a couple of examples of what I did during vacation though, just to start it off. But, I'm warning you, I'm not going in order, so if you notice inconsistencies, that's why.
Last shabbos we(my mother, brother, and I) were supposed to stay in a hotel/resort. You'll notice I said "supposed". What really ended up happening was we spent shabbos on the side of the road in our car, in the middle of Georgia. No, I am not kidding, it really did happen. It was definitely an...experience. One I would not care to repeat but an experience nonetheless. You're probably wondering how we ended up there in the first place right? Well, we were coming from South I-75 and we were using map quest directions. Now, either the place had moved or, the directions weren't put in right, but first we got off on the wrong exit. We called them and they said, "Oh, you're supposed to get off at exit 101, which was 20 miles down the road. Then we called them again, and told them we were coming from the south, which way should we go? Left or right? They told us we should go left, we'd travel for another 10-12 miles, see a state park, and they'd be right next to it. Well, we made a left, and went 12 miles down the road, 13, 14, it turned out they were in the exact opposite direction. It was 2 minutes before shabbos, and I told my mother to turn around, I had seen some trailer houses, a minute away. So, we pulled in to the dirt road, and it was shabbos. We opened the doors of the car before that so we could get out though. So my mother went to different trailers knocking on the doors to see if someone would be able to drive our car to their "driveway" and turn off our battery so we could spend shabbos in the car. Sure enough, there was a family who drove our car up to the driveway and turned off our battery for us. But, these people had NO IDEA what Jews are. The only person who did have any idea, was the grandmother of the family, who lived next door. So we ate dinner in the car (we had brought our food with us in coolers) and basically just sat in the car. We tried to fall asleep, but that was almost impossible, especially in a car full of luggage and you have three full grown people. (By the way, our "car" is a minivan.) And, though we didn't find this out till later, we were in rattlesnake country. The next day, we ate lunch in the car, while the family piled into their truck and went to the local school for a ceremony of some sort. The air kept getting hotter and hotter, I think it went up to 100 degrees that day. Fortunately, when the family came back, they offered to let us into the house, and we gladly accepted. My mother sat and chatted with the mother and grandmother (my mother will talk anyone she meets) and I sat and read a book I had brought. Actually I think I went through two books. The family had two small dogs who were continually jumping all over the place, but they were cute and friendly, so it didn't bother us. It's a very good thing my family loves animals, or else we'd have been in trouble. So, we were inside till shabbos ended, and then we re-connected the battery and drove down to a place right on the border between Georgia and Florida. It was SO good to sleep in a bed again. I think that's all I'll write for now, though I may update parts of this post later. And I shall share with you some more experiences from my vacation soon.


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Wow, what an experience!!