Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baruch Hash-m!

So I was taking an online course this semester and for the first three weeks I was doing fine. Then I got sick for a week. So of course I was behind on EVERYTHING. I got it all done though, handed it in (late of course) and my teacher told me that the grades had already been handed in. "Oh no," I thought, "that's it, I failed." So, I wrote her an e-mail asking her if there was anything I could do to get a passing grade. And while I waited for her to respond, I prayed. I said, "Hash-m, if you help me pass, I will say Mincha every day no matter what." I'll admit, I've always been a little bit lax on that. So, right after I said that I went and davened mincha. A short while later, when I was driving my brother over to a friend, I got a call from my teacher, and she said that she took my first three esssays (which I had done pretty well on) and made my grade from those, so I passed. Baruch Hash-m! Hash-m is great in His glory!