Monday, January 25, 2016


Are blogs dying out? Supposedly not, if you're "good at it." Those who can make a schedule and keep to it. Those who review products or offer opinions others really want to hear. Those who, in other words, can make some sort of money blogging.
What about regular blogs? Blogs like this one which are a mish mosh of random thoughts being poured into a computer and placed out there for the world to see. Or not see as the case may be. A lot of the blogs I used to read when I first started my own are either no longer updated or no longer in existence, having since folded up and gone home. I too, took a hiatus and no longer blogged.
Life gets in the way, or you lose focus, or feel like there is no longer an audience, so what's the point? Why continue? Why even start up again when no one is likely to look or care that you have returned? Maybe because, even if it is like shouting into the abyss, there is still the small, faint hope that someone out there will still hear, and find interest in what I have to say.


Plummer said...

Stumbled across your blog, I enjoyed reading your posts.

I wrote a short poem on my lunch, and thought I’d share, considering


Plain old halted thinking thoughts
like the 5th or 6th cup of tea
clinging to the echoes across the shores of the deepest sea
is what’s on order
During my lunch

i ate a west country balti pasty and
half a pack of Maynard cookies,

I took in an angle
walked towards a shaded corner of a beach
and found a bottle by undisturbed sands

bearing words
worth more than any treasure
I wonder
how many words get lost
out at sea.

It’s time to sweep the crumbs
off this desk, return back into the abyss

Mikeinmidwood said...

In my humble opinion, Google killed blogger. What a shame isn't it.

frum single female said...

I still like blogs, but after blogging for eight years I think that I have slowed down a bit.I don't always have as much to write about. Sometimes its just about having enough time to write. Facebook stopped a lot of people from blogging so much but to me I prefer a more anonymous platform even though I do tell friends about my blog. I'm glad you're blogging again. I enjoy your posts.