Monday, September 13, 2010

Writing Prompt

It’s a late summer night, the air humid, not a breeze to be felt. Two boys loiter in front of the local pool, lounging around, trying to look cool dragging a smoke on their cigarettes. Despite the muggy air, they don’t go back to the air conditioned pool room. They are waiting for someone, possibly several someones, they are not sure which. Their contact had not been very specific with them.

The boys are nothing special to look at. Two young men in their early twenties, one blonde, the other dark, neither overly tall nor too short, nothing to mark them as being out of the ordinary. Nothing to show that they were more than just a pair of slackers, wasting another Saturday night. The blonde shifted from foot to foot nervously, which annoyed his companion to no end. “Will you stop that?!” he snapped, quietly. “You act like you’re a fresh greenie, not a seasoned agent.” He sniffed disdainfully, and took another drag at his smoke.

“Well excuse me for breathing,” his companion muttered. “They’re late, and I’m melting in a puddle of my own sweat. Do you even have any idea who we’re looking for?” He nervously sucked on the end of his cig, almost succeeding in burning his tongue.

The blonde roiled his eyes at his compatriot’s stupidity, but answered his question readily enough. “Actually, I managed to get a name out of our contact before he broke off the message.” He smirked, feeling very superior. “One Isaac Dell is who we are meeting. Tall guy, around 6’5, hard to miss.”

“Huh. Isaac Dell? It’s been a while since I heard that name. He was pretty religious once, you know. But he gave it up, said it was too restricting, that he’d rather ‘live life to the fullest’, then be held back by chains of tradition.” He took a thoughtful drag on his cig, and blew out a smoke ring. “Funny, never thought I’d see him here though.”

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Sophia @ Israel said...

The young you're describing is a shame to look at: they never seem to have any useful or important things to do. And when you come to think that the people like they are the future of the nation, it's really depressing.