Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apology and Musings

I know, I haven't posted in 2 weeks, maybe more. I've been busy! Classes, getting ready for the wedding, studying, and tons of pressure. It's a wonder anyone stays sane when getting married. I have noticed one thing though, it seems to be the case that most guys would rather elope than deal with all the nonsense entailed in a big marriage party. While it would probably be a whole lot stressful, like the stereotypical girl, I love the idea of a wedding. Getting dressed up, having friends and family be there, taking pictures, to have for posterity. So I can look back and show my kids, see this is how we looked then. Some couples are given the choice by their parents. The "Golden Ladder" I've heard it called. (I think) Take all the money that would be used for the wedding and use it for other things. I know that one couple that was offered that preffered having a wedding. We were never given that choice, and honestly I can't say which way I would have decided. Either way, doesn't really matter now. The wedding is in 3 weeks and one way or another it will be over soon enough. Maybe I'll have more time to post then.


Moshe said...

Nah, you'll just go the way of all the other bloggers who got engaged. Once a month post, maybe less. Though too young to teach is back.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

hey mak, very young to marry, perhaps too young to read my blog