Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pitfalls of Pets

Cats and dogs are hunters. You forget this at your own peril. Especially if one of your animals is an outdoor/ indoor pet. Heck, even just an indoor pet can do plenty of hunting with the bugs that enter the house. We are constantly finding "gifts" left by Boots by our sliding glass door out on the patio. A dead bird, usually dead lizards....with their guts ripped out. One time we had a half grown tadpole get in the house (how? I have NO idea) and Mittens killed it, and then it looked like Mariner was gonna try to eat it. I threw it out. Just now, I found a still twitching lizard's tail that had caught Mariner's and Mitten's interest. I just REALLY hope neither of them tries to eat it. Otherwise they'll throw it up, and guess who cleans it up? Much as I love my animals, this is the one thing I dislike. On the other hand, they eat the bugs too, so that's good, as well as amusing to watch.
Add: I found the rest of the lizard...

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Moshe said...

"I found the rest of the lizard..."
I hope not in a regurgitated state. ;-)

My grandma's cat was the best roach exterminator evar!