Monday, September 24, 2007

Pros and Cons of Sukkos in Florida

Ok, so Florida is known for it's lovely sunny weather. After all, we are called the Sunshine State. However, around Sukkos, it's usually not sunny. It's actually quite....rainy. Which means, we go out into the sukkah for a total of 10 minutes, get drenched while my step-father says kiddush and does hamotzei and rush back in. There's a tendency for it to rain at night, when it's not raining and we can sit in the (dripping) sukkah, there are mosquitoes and bees, oh, and humidity, can't forget humidity. Also, there is always the threat of a hurricane, I mean living in Florida you know there are going to be hurricanes. Baruch Hash-m, there have been no hurricanes in Florida this hurricane season, but the season isn't over yet, so you never know. Two years ago, at the end of Sukkos, Hurricane Wilma came crashing through. Fortunatly, it was Simchas Torah, so my family didn't need the sukkah anymore but...the hurricane made something of a mess you could say.

Alright, so I've gone through a few cons of Sukkos in Florida, there are good things too, don't get me wrong. After all, there are 7 days to the chag and not EVERY day is bad. There are days when you are sitting in the sukkah and there are beautiful breezes. You don't need to worry about freezing in the sukkah (unlike in NY, or Mass.) I spent sukkos up in Monsey one year, and I was freezing my tuchus off, I was so glad the next year to be back in Florida and not have to go through THAT again. And, for my family at least, there is always the chance that yet another cat will wander into our life and take off with the challah cover.

I think that is all I will ruminate about sukkos for now, until next time, when I shall discuss "Snowbirds and Tourons"!


Jacob Da Jew said...

Its become a thing in the family, to eat chicken soup in the sukkah, it gets so cold.

Don't know about this year, pretty warm so far here in nyc.

Jacob Da Jew said...

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