Thursday, October 16, 2008

Or Not....

Apparently we're NOT going up to North Carolina this weekend. It appears that the woman was advertising herself as something other than the actual deal, so our plan fell through. On the other hand, next week , G-d willing, my mother and brother will be going up to a breeder in Tampa to look at puppies. No, we won't e getting one right away, they can't generally leave the mother till they are 8 weeks old, and these puppies will only be four weeks old. I will not be going because I will be in New Jersey and going to a friend's wedding. Oh, and it was not wet during succos, except for a bit of drizzle here and there, the weather was gorgeous with a nice breeze and not unbearably hot, thank goodness for that. The sukkah was only wet the first night, we had a gigantic puddle in the sukkah, but it pretty much disappeared by the second day.
And while driving today, I have decided for perhaps the millionth time, that people can't drive.


Mikeinmidwood said...

We had some beutiful weather too.

Drivers in florida start at 14 (so I have heard) so of course you are going to have bad drivers.

Anonymous said...

Why not get a "rescue" dog of the breed you want. Look up "golden retriever breed rescue" or any other breed and you will find the local organization that has the breed you are looking for. You will save a life and cost will be 200-400 to help with the organization's costs. And you and your family will feel good.