Monday, August 16, 2021


Choices. They are both exciting; opening up new opportunities, new vistas, and new options; and the bane of my existence. We live our lives every day with small choices. What will I have for breakfast? Will I get the laundry done now, or can it wait one more day? Is it worth the fight over this one small thing? 
Then there are the big choices. The ones that come along not as often. Looking for the right house to buy, or should we continue to rent? Should we continue living here, where we're comfortable or somewhere new? A new car, what kind fits our needs and which one of us will drive it? I love it , he hates it, maybe it costs too much money, maybe it's worth it. A hundred little decisions made into one big one. 
Even after the decision is made, we often look back and question, was it the right one? Maybe we shouldn't have sold the car. Maybe we shouldn't have moved to a condo. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
And maybe we should just move forward.

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