Sunday, May 18, 2008


Why is it that the last few years there has been at least one superhero movie out every year? What triggered everyone's sudden need for a superhero? Perhaps it's really a wish, a desire, that because the world has turned upside down, the average person feels powerless, unable to do anything that they feel would make a huge difference. So Hollywood gives the people something to wish for: a super hero, someone who saves the world who has the power to change the world, to change it for the better. Often the superhero begins as your average John Doe, and then something causes him to change, whether it's an event that effected his body, or his mind. So it re-creates him, and he goes out and does something to better the world, to save it from evil villains, no matter who they may be. Our society, our world, perhaps feels the need for superheroes more than ever, in these uncertain times. Do you?

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Sarah Rutti said...

Such an interesting comment. I agree with your opinion about what society is trying to achieve. However, it's not a solution. I think that the world can be changed by the average John Doe, without some weird mutation happening to his body.

We consider one person = universe. I guess is matters on what you think 'change' is equal to. In order to change the world, you have to change yourself first. I don't know if Hollywood is willing to work on their character flaws, most of them indulge, they don't restrict... but that's just my opinion...